We use great technology to build great products with people data

These are our rules and values.

So you have completed the interview process, signed the contracts, and are finally a member of our team. Congratulations, and welcome! We are happy to have you and want to help you get started in any way we can. You are not yet one of us? This might still be for you, as we try to show how we work to potential hires.

The development and technology team at Instaffo creates the product behind our company as well as many more internal applications and components. Our software work is done completely in-house by our own developer teams.

These are our rules and development values by which we work. They reflect our own learnings and experiences. It's a living document to which any employee can contribute. It is also licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial, so it may be copied by others. Lots of inspiration has been taken from Thoughtbot.


We are all developers and love programming. We do our best to produce good quality software, keep our work up to standard and deliver quickly. While this is not always easy, we have found some ways that help us achieve a good balance.


Within our product development team, we utilize Scrum in order to facilitate agile development and to plan our resources during sprints.


Within our data science team, we utilize Kanban to better cope with unestimatable tasks and keep an overview over current priorities.

Work Methodology

Great work requires some guidelines to increase productivity, and guarantee some basic security.

Our Company

We want to be a work place where people enjoy working.