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Office Tour and Welcome (Supervisor)

A first look around the new work space to get to know some of your new colleagues. Get to know the local places you are most likely to need to go in your first weeks.

Setup accounts (HR)

As in any company we use a variety of tools that employees need to be invited to in order to work productively.

Setup (Employee)

This section deals with first tasks of any employee.

When it comes to email and calendar, we utilize Office365. If you use MacOS, you may use Outlook or Mail as a client for this. For Linux our recommendation is to use Evolution, as clients like Thunderbird lack native support for Office365. Please see this guide for more info on how to set up Evolution with Office365.

Slack (Supervisor)

We utilize Slack for all inter-office communication within technology teams as well as with other teams. It also serves as a way to monitor bugs (Sentry integration), CI (GitLab integration) and deployments.

Also check out: Slack

Orientation (Buddy)

For the first few weeks, you will be assigned another developer as a buddy to get you started and help you figure things out while you are new in the team.

GitLab (Supervisor)

The central point for all development is GitLab. We have enterprise accounts for all team members and utilize a lot of the included functionality.

Sentry (Supervisor)

For exception tracking we use Sentry. All exceptions are every employee's responsibility if they happen on one of their projects. All members should get acquainted with how Sentry works, how to create an issue from a bug occurrence and how to schedule it for a fix.

WhatsApp (optional, Supervisor)

For anyone who uses WhatsApp, we also have an internal WhatsApp group that is mainly used for social interaction, as well as planning and coordination of some company events. While optional (as important announcements are made via email or Slack), it is a fun social channel to use.

Browserstack (if needed for work, Supervisor)

Anyone required to write CSS/HTML that is delivered to customers must have access to Browserstack in order to check for cross-browser compatibility.

Server Access (if needed for work, Supervisor)

We believe in shared deployment responsibility. Everybody who does full time work on a team should learn how to deploy code eventually.