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We challenge ourselves constructively and push hard for progress. We want each member of our team to reach the fullest potential for themselves and we try work together to overcome all obstacles on our way towards our goals.


We learn proactively and take risks. Mistakes help us achieve better results. We are constantly learning, both personally and professionally, and for us it is of the uttermost importance to constantly find new topics and areas to improve in. We also believe that risks give us opportunities to learn and improve.


We love what we do. We inspire, trust, and respect each other. We are not a part of Instaffo because we only care about money or to do a job, but because we love what we create.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower people individually to reach their full potential. That means that we aim to create the necessary conditions and opportunity for people to find a fulfilling life and work. We believe that this enables a good synergy between what people want and what is beneficial to society and to companies. We believe that if people are living their life to their highest potential, it will create a better world for us all.