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Code Reviews

We utilize code reviews on all code that goes into productive use, both for customers and for backend tasks. A code review is performed once a developer has finished an issue and once a merge request is created. A second developer then needs to sign off on any changes to assure they meet quality standards and perform the required functionality without compromising other functionality.

For code reviews, we utilize GitLab's Merge Request feature. A merge request can be created for any feature branch. Projects have predefined lists of approvers and provide a template to fill out. Here you may see a checklist of things you should check when submitting (test coverage, labels to set, etc) or steps that need to be taken during deployment.

Rules for Code Review

  1. Many decisions in programming are opinions and sometimes both one way or the other are equally acceptable.
  2. Better to suggest than to demand. ("What do you think about naming this :user_id instead?")
  3. Ask for clarification instead of dismissing suggestions.
  4. Don't take it personally. The review is of the code, not you.
  5. Make sure your code passes CI. If it does not pass, make sure to fix it before asking for reviews.