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Kanban Best Practices

Ticket Review & Prioritization

Every week the whole team will evaluate the tickets in the New column and check if they can be done and when this will be possible. If the request gets accepted, the ticket will be put in the Backlog column. Furthermore, the prioritization of all tickets in the Backlog column gets checked and updated if necessary. This should not take more than 15 minutes.

Every second week the whole team will review the Kanban process and board. Can something be improved? Does something need to change? This should not take more than 10 minutes.

Next-Ticket Selection

No-urgent-bug-rule: Urgent bugs get done right away. Always! No need to track them on the board; stages and done rules obviously still apply. Less urgent bugs are handled like every other issue.

Just take the next ticket even if you are not the main developer for the project. Ideally every member should be able to do every ticket. Buddy up or ask questions if you need help.

What does not need to be on the board?

Small issues which come up spontaneously and will be done right away (e.g. small tasks like updating the readme) do not need to be tracked on the Kanban board but the done rules for each stage still apply! Since it is not tracked the MR will not be visible on the Kanban board and therefore needs to be assigned to a colleague in GitLab.