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We are BIG believers in calendars. Along with an email account, any employee receives an exchange account to Office365 that includes a calendar. All meetings are handled through it to allow people to keep an overview of where they will be needed and when.

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Sprint Planning

Mondays are for planning out the rest of the week. Platform team meets 10am sharp (prepared with coffee and laptops). The Data Aggregation team meets afterwards at 12pm sharp (likewise prepared).

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Daily Standup

Each day 10am all technology teams do standups together to catch up with each other on the current state of affairs.

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Lunch & Learn

Each week during lunch (usually Thursdays) a member of the development team takes 20-30 minutes to present a topic of their choice (tech-related focus encouraged) to get their colleagues to learn something new or to show off something cool or interesting.

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Monthly Employee Talk

Each month, technology team members are asked to sit together with the CTO Patrick, CIO Nikolai and (usually) Company Founder Daniel to discuss the employees performance, to exchange feedback and make sure all sides are happy working together.

Monthly Breakfast

Once per month another team of the company organizes a breakfast for everybody else. We all pitch in with ideas and getting it done to spennd some time catching up with each other and spending some regularly scheduled time with other teams. Each breakfast is accompanied by a talk or presentation by a member of the organizing team.

Monthly Company Meeting

Once per month all employees gather together to inform each other as part of a small presentation about what is new in the company. New employees are introduced again, numbers are openly discussed and revenue projections are shown.