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We are BIG believers in calendars. Along with an email account, any employee receives an exchange account to Office365 that includes a calendar. All meetings are handled through it to allow people to keep an overview of where they will be needed and when.

If you are using Linux the recommended way to schedule meetings is through Office365 online, as no integration works particularly well for Office on Linux.

When you schedule a meeting, make sure to invite the room to your event so it will be booked for you. All rooms have an email that can be used for this.

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Lunch & Learn

Every few weeks during lunch a member of the development team takes 20-30 minutes to present a topic of their choice (tech-related focus encouraged) to get their colleagues to learn something new or to show off something cool or interesting.

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Employee Feedback Meetings

Every few weeks all development team members are asked to sit together with the CTO Patrick and CIO Nikolai (and occasionally HR or company co-founder Daniel) to discuss the employee's performance, to exchange feedback and make sure all sides are happy working together.

Monthly Company Meeting

Once per month all employees gather together to inform each other as part of a small presentation about what is new in the company. New employees are introduced again, numbers are openly discussed and revenue projections are shown.

Health Checks

Once every three months we perform 'health checks' in all development teams in order to investigate if there are any problems occuring in our team structures or in the way we work. During these meetings, participants indicate their sentiment to certain categories of developer work (Teamwork, Fun, Delivering Value, Releases, ...), and together solutions for improvements are discussed.

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