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We utilize Slack for all inter-office communication within technology teams as well as with other teams. It also serves as a way to monitor bugs (Sentry integration), CI (GitLab integration) and deployments.

Developer Channels

#dev is for general purpose developer talk between all technology teams. This is a discussion channel.

#dev_$location is for talking among the local team in the office. This is a discussion channel.

#dev_$project is for talking about members of a project to ask for reviews, announce upgrades and ask for help from fellow team members working on the same problem. This is a discussion channel. Bugs and problems related to the project will also land here.


Department Channels

Chances are a question can be answered by more than one person. Ask in #dev or #dev_$location instead of direct chat to one person only. If the discussion becomes lengthy you can still move it to private chat afterwards.

Channel-appropriate language

Language of communication in channels with international team members is English. Try to stick to it and remind others to stick to it. We want to try to create an environment where all of our employees can contribute as best they can, despite language barriers.

Slack jesper

This is especially important for #dev, #dev_$location, #dev_$product and #dev_$team channels.

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